This project’s full title is Longitudinal information literacy for democratic engagement. Running from February to May 2017, it aims to answer three research questions using an online survey:

  1. Does information literacy underpin community councillors’ work?
    This will be investigated by assessing how far community councillors ‘climb’ the SCONUL information literacy pillars.

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  1. What life-roles and other factors affect community councillors’ developmetn of information literacy?
    This will be investigated using questions based on a model developed from the IL-DEM project‘s literature review and responses to its interviews and small-scale survey. The model is
  2. Can a model of information literacy and lifelong learning be validated?
    This will be investigated using questions around development of information literacy.
    The lifelong learning aspect will be investigated by asking questions about information gathering in last six months along with questions about age and formal education. The model is 

Blog posts about this project can be accessed here.

The survey questions used to gather data are here as a PDF.